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Epic Brick Triathlon Workout #4 at Austin Multi-Sport
Posted on October 11th, 2013

"Epic Brick" workouts continued today at Austin Multi-Sport Inc.  Saturday's this Fall.   Congratulations to the new and returning athlete's on a great workout.  
   Join us next Saturday 8:15am to 9:45am, bring your bike, bike trainer, running shoes, towel, water bottle, and light nutrition.  Free group training!  Call or stop by for special pricing if you need to order a bike trainer.  Here is the complete workout from today, try it for yourself,  however the group training will take you to the next level. 

A. 1
6' Warm Up on the Bike Trainer the following way: (the little ' is minutes, detail below)
       4' spin
       3' @ 95 rpm  1' ez,  repeat 3 rounds increase cadence 5 rpm per round 95,100,105+
Transition to Running Drills
      60 yard distance for running drills, side steps, over/unders, butt kicks, high knees, skips, backwards, and 4 strides.
1' spin
        2' @ 95 RPM fast 90% of race pace 
        1' EZ spin recover
        3' @ 95rpm Race effort Find a gear and cadence that simulates real road conditions.
        1' EZ spin recover
        2' @ 95 RPM fast 90% of race pace go straight to run.
D.  Run

        30" transition jog
        200 meters strong pace build to fast
        200 meter jog
        200 meters strong pace build to fast
        30" transition jog
  Bike 4 rounds 10' total
       90" @ 95-100 RPM faster than race pace
       1' EZ Spin
F.  Run
        1 mile  or 6 to 8 minutes run, build to fast 10k pace, be very aware of forward lean, center of mass,  stride rate.  Fast last 1/2 mile with best form 100% effort.

. TRX Training
        TRX Double Leg Crunch (15) then (15) hamstring curls , 2 rounds
         TRX Oblique Hip Drop from Plank from elbow (15 per side)
         TRX Hands Free Lunge (30 per leg)
          TRX Atomic Pushup  (maximum possible goal of 20 or more)
Coach Tom
Austin Multi-Sport Inc.

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