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2014 Youth Triathlon Training Team Austin Multi-Sport
Posted on February 6th, 2014

We are so excited for the 2014 Triathlon Season of Training.   The "Youth Club" will meet once a week on Saturday's.   The "Youth Team" will have a once a week option on Saturday's or a 3 day a week option by age group.   We offer youth athletes year round training options and look forward to meeting your family and triathlete!

The Kids Tri Training program is focused on developing technique and endurance for both running and cycling. The run training will consist of a mix of drills, cardio, intervals, and technical instruction.
The biking consists of a warm up, intervals, endurance, and skills.  A few of the skills practiced are cadence, braking, transitions, position, shifting, seated, and standing spinning.  The athletes may also use stationary resistanance trainers to practice the skills.   

Team Austin Multi-Sport is a year round program providing a gateway to future athletic goals.   One door that has opened is the announcement from USAT that Triathlon is an emerging NCAA sport at the college level.  Contact Coach Tom at the store or by phone or email to answer questions. 

DATES:  Parent Meeting at the Store 4:30pm to review race season, place t-shirt orders, size singlets,

Saturday's March, 1st start day, then each week through August.

TIME: Club Meets Saturday's, 10:15am to 11:30am,
          TEAM meets Saturday's 9:00am to 10:15am, and T/Th 5pm-6pm for age 10 under, T/Th 5pm-6pm for age 11 up.

AGES: Age 6 and Up 

WHERE: Round Rock, at the Austin Multi-Sport Shop, local parks, and school facilities.  

REGISTRATION: $45 per Month, add $13 for additional siblings. (Example a family of 3 kids would be $71)

$60 per month, Team Athlete Saturday's

$120 per month, Team Athlete T/TH, Saturday (3 day/week)


By registering on Active you are signing up for the first Month of March, fees are monthly.

2014 USAT license with Austin Multi-Sport
Attend 1 Event a month April to August
Cyclometer with Cadence
Stationary Trainer (available through store at special team pricing)
Team T-Shirt
Team Race Singlet

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